5 Activities for your Child to Stay Active at Home

In days when we have to be home at all times, it can be easy to give in to laziness and lack of productivity.

That is because in our pre-pandemic working days, we always considered home as our sacred place to rest and spend time with family. But now, being extra productive at home is a must since our houses have turned into schools, offices, gyms, playgrounds, etc. 

Lack of productivity can also affect our little ones at home. This can be fixed easily with good time management but also with energy boosts provided by physical activity.

You don’t need to turn into a P.E. coach but for your child to get moving. Here are five fun activities for the kiddos to dome some exercise at home:

1. Workout Stations

Workout stations are a great way to break sweat and it gives your child an opportunity to challenge themselves.

You can create as many stations as you want and disperse them within a closed space or around the house.

Each station should have a different workout for your child to do. For example, the first station can be jump rope for 30 seconds, the second station can be 10 burpees and the third station can be 10 sit-ups.

If this is something your child wants to do often, make sure you vary the exercises to target different parts of the body. Change is also good for them to not get bored of the same exercises.

You can put a timer for each workout station or dare your child to do as many sets as they can. This will inspire them to keep active, take challenges and strive for more.

Another advantage of workout stations is that it can be made into a game for two or more people. You can participate by rotating stations with your child or working as a team.

Activities like this one are great for your child to stay active and healthy. They’re also a good way for them to start building ongoing exercise routines for themselves.

2. Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are similar to workout stations but with a more daring touch.

To build an obstacle course for the little ones you can use simple materials you may have at home, such as hula hoops, soccer cones or regular cones, ropes, buckets, etc.

The game can be about your child passing the course without moving any obstacle or going through it as fast as they can.

You can also add special stations they have to complete before continuing the course. For example, a basketball station where they have to toss the ball through a hoop. If the ball makes it through the hoop, they can keep going through the next obstacles.

You can get creative with the materials you have at home if you have limited space. You can use things as pillows, toys, chairs and a laundry basket as hoop.

If you have a backyard, you can use outside toys and even add some water obstacles if you have sprinklers or a hose.

I found this video as an idea on how to create a backyard obstacle course with easy materials we can find at home:

3. Dancing

Dancing is my absolute favorite form of exercise. It not only involves music but it is also way of de-stressing and expression.

I have mentioned GoNoodle in previous articles and I will probably keep mentioning it. They have different channels with fun and silly videos for the little ones to move from head to toe.

If you’re looking for your child to get more of a workout while dancing, one of the channels you could use in GoNoddle is Zumba Kids. The choreographies are guided by a certified Zumba instructor and the steps are designed to get a good cardio workout.

Besides GoNoddle, there are wide variety of Youtube videos for dance-alongs. If your child loves a song in particular, there must be a dance tutorial for it somewhere.

Also, if you own a video game console, you might consider getting Just Dance. Each version of the game has about 40 songs and choreographies.

There is also a version of Just Dance online that you can try for free called Just Dance Now. Here you can get access to a catalog of 500 songs and you only need an internet connected screen and a smartphone to use as a controller.

4. Yoga

Yoga has endless benefits for kids and adults. This type of exercise not only promotes strength and flexibility but it also involves mindfulness and focus.

There is no greater exercise for children to improve motor and emotional skills at the same time. It includes strategies that encourage healthy habits and self-awareness.

Yoga can also promote concentration and confidence. Since meditation goes hand in hand with yoga, it could help your child to build focus and energy that can be used for when they have to perform academically.

This exercise also supports great breathing techniques. It could be a positive opportunity for your child to learn about self-regulation (controlling their behavior) through deep breathing and meditation.

I have implemented large group lessons with my students using a site called Cosmic Kids Yoga. They have very cute videos where kids can perform simple yoga movements and breathing exercises while listening to a story.

I have witnessed how students have benefited from these activities. They can get better at following directions and self-regulating during challenging moments.

5. New Sports and Hobbies

Being at home all day can be a good opportunity to try new things and develop hobbies.

Ask your child about an activity or sport they’ve always wanted to try or that they’d like to perform more often. Then, do some research about what materials you can get, videos you can watch or classes you can enroll to make this hobby happen for your child.

Currently, there are video tutorials about anything on the internet. For example, how to properly dribble a soccer ball or how to learn basic Karate moves.

If you would like a more personal training for them, there are many academies that still offer their services online. From ballet instructors to soccer coaches, they’re taking their classes to Zoom so they can still meet with their students on a daily or weekly basis.

Just get informed about the academies in your area to find deals so your child can enjoy of some extracurricular activities at home.

I hope these ideas inspire you to help your kiddos to continue having an active and healthy life despite the difficult circumstances. Also, don’t forget to balance their exercise with healthy meals so they can have all the energy they need to get some thinking going.

Let’s stay happy and active!

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