Ideas for a Zoom End-of-the-School-Year Party

The last day of school is around the corner and we all have many mixed feelings.

We would love to celebrate our students’ milestones the way they deserve, but due to the hard circumstances we are facing right now, we have to adjust to socially distant events.

Luckily for many of us, technology has provided millions of alternatives during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have been able to work, study, hang out and do many other activities we used to perform in our pre-pandemic day by days.

So if we are able to still do all these activities online, what makes us think we can’t give the little ones a fun last day school?

Here are some ideas teachers can plan for their last day of school Zoom meetings:

Make a Mini Graduation with Recognitions

There is no better way to end a school year by recognizing your students’ hard work.

At the last day of school meeting, you should make sure that you acknowledge each of your students and the unique qualities each of them have. You can let them know the attributes for which you will remember them by.

All of your students will feel very special when you give them a little moment of spotlight. You can do this by having slides where you recognize them and congratulate them individually.

I have created a PowerPoint template where you can personalize certificates of recognition for all your students. You would just need to add a picture, name and any other information you like.

You can purchase the template on my TpT store:

Also, in this template, you can duplicate slides for the number of students you have in your class and use the same PowerPoint presentation to do the slideshow.

Choose a Party Theme

Every great party has a theme!

You could pick from a variety of topics and then let your students vote on what they want to do for their end of the year Zoom party.

Here are some topics you can choose from:

  • Snack Party: everybody eats their favorite snacks or desserts and share them on camera.
  • Karaoke Party: you can share your screen and find a karaoke song on Youtube that you and your students can sing to.
  • Dance Party: share your screen and play a video to dance along on GoNoodle.
  • Game Party: create trivia games on any topics you would like by using Kahoot! or flashcards in Quizlet.
  • Costume Party: let your students dress-up and share stories behind their costumes.
  • Scavenger Hunt Party: make a list of item you want your students to search around their house and have them bring them to the camera.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Take a moment in your Zoom party to reflect on the events you and your students think were the most memorable during this school year.

A simple way to do this is by creating a slide presentation with pictures and videos of special moments you all lived throughout the year in your classroom.

Make sure you make a good photo and video compilation where all your students are present. Have their parents also send you pictures of nice memories their children had while being in your class.

You can create this slide presentation by using PowerPoint or video making applications such as iMovie or Splice.

Your students will love looking at the images and remembering those fun moments with you.

Share Favorite Moments of the School Year

Continue your walk down memory lane by having each of your students share their favorite moments of the school year.

You can ask them simple questions like “what was your favorite time of the school day?” or “what was your favorite thing about the classroom?”.

As the students answer your questions, you will be getting a little indirect feedback for things you can change or improve in your class for the next school year.

Also, you can give your students a template with questions about their favorite moments to fill before the zoom party. They can share these answers during the meeting or you can add them to your slide presentation.

I created a free template called “My School Year Favorites” where students can answer questions about their favorite moments in your class this year.

You can download the template here:

I hope these ideas help you plan a fun and memorable end-of-the-year Zoom party for your kiddos. Thank you for all your hard work during this insane school year!

Have a happy and relaxing summer, you deserve it!

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