Free Resources

STOP Letter Game

STOP is a letter game where you have to think fast and write ever faster. This game will help your children/students expand their vocabulary and become more fluid in writing. Pick a random letter and write different categories with that same letter.

This freebie includes a printable table with categories.

Alphabet Bingo and Spanish Bingo

There’s no game like BINGO to bring the family together, and it’s even better when the little ones can practice the ABCs with it.

Each of these freebies include four colorful Bingo boards and cut-outs of each letter with a word.

Scavenger Hunt At Home

Turn your kiddos into detectives by hiding fun clues all around the house or classroom that lead to a treasure.

This freebie includes 11 clues with instructions for where to hide them. It also includes empty cards for you or your child to write your own clues.

My School Year Favorites

In this PDF file you will get a template for students to write about their favorite moments in their class this year.

Teachers can use this template as an activity for the end of the school year to get a nice little feedback from their students.

You can also download all these free resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.